Adult Study Group

Next Session - Monday, April 3, 7:30pm


Mussar refers to a spiritual perspective and also to a discipline of transformative practices.  It is a Jewish spiritual path of study and practice that leads to awareness, 
wisdom and transformation.
The term mussar (מוסּרַ - comes from the Hebrew root יסר yisser) and is found frequently in wisdom texts such as the book of Proverbs1:1-2   [“The proverbs of Solomon, son of David, king of Israel].  For learning wisdom (חכמה ;chochmah) and discipline (מוסּרַ) …”].          It means moral conduct, correction, chastisement, instruction or discipline. 
Mussar literature is often described as "ethical literature" and traditionally depicts the nature of moral and spiritual perfection in a methodical way. In more colloquial terms, Mussar might be described as “the science of becoming a mensch.

Our Facilitator:

Shelley Karrel, Programming and Communications Director for Congregation Schara Tzedeck has been studying and practicing and facilitating Mussar courses for over 15 years. She has spent over 30 years  working in the field of adult education, organizational development and is responsible for all large scale holiday and monthly events at Schara Tzedeck. She also has a

private practice as a Registered Clinical Counselor. Shelley’s passion for Jewish learning and programming is evident by the vast number of programs and events for which she is responsible. Shelley sees in her own life the changes that have come about by focusing on the practice of Mussar on a daily basis. She is originally from Nova Scotia and has lived in BC for 18 years. 

See you April 3 at 7:30!

The Adult Study Group was established in 2011 to provide a forum for the sharing of ideas and information on religious and philosophical topics.  The group meets monthly from October through June to discuss a wide range of topics from Biblical archaeology to issues of contemporary Jewish significance.  
The group has about 15 regular members and others join particular sessions depending on their interests.  While most of our members belong to the WRSSJCC, non-members are also welcome.  New members are  encouraged to join at any time.  There is a nominal annual fee to help defray expenses.  For more information, contact the group leader.

 The Study Group is guided by the following principles:
  1. Sessions are intended to be spirited discussions by the whole group.  They are not lectures.
  2. Topics may be proposed by anyone, but are normally adopted by consensus.
  3. Each session has a facilitator, usually the person who initially proposed the topic.  The facilitator is responsible for identifying a set of readings which will be published on the Adult Study Group web page, and which participants are asked to read before the session.
  4. If a participant, and especially a new participant, has not had an opportunity to read the selections, then that person is welcome to come to the session more as a listener than as a contributor.

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